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Those of you currently under braces treatment might sometimes hear your orthodontist call out fruit names in the clinic….”Raspberry”…..”Rockmelon”…..

No it’s not because we are feeling hungry. Actually they are for you, though it’s not going to contribute to your daily fibre requirement. But it will make your teeth look nicer at the end.

Nope…chewing on them does NOT release tastes of fruits

These are actually orthodontic elastics you have to wear and change daily. The different sizes and tensions are named after fruits. Depending on the brand, they might name it after countries or animals etc. I guess it’s a lot easier to remember, and to say, than….. “Give me elastic 2839-1837-18398……..N….″.

These will also keep you from yawning too wide in class #unexpectedbenefitsofwearingbraces

The elastics are usually worn from the dental braces of one jaw to the other. Thus it helps to move the upper teeth against the lower teeth (or vice versa). They are worn in different directions depending on what effect we are trying to achieve. Full time wear is usually required for them to be effective. This means all the time (yes, 24 hours), except when eating and brushing. Not all cases need them but for those that do, wearing them diligently will give you a nicer finish.

What fruits you get in the end will depend on the labour you put in. So work hard on the elastics!

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