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The day has finally come. You’ve taken all the records in the previous session, gone for extractions (if you needed) and now it’s time to put the braces on. This is the 1st day of your ‘life with braces’. This is the bonding appointment.

Many are understandably anxious about this appointment. “Dr Wee is going to start moving me teeth today” and images of medieval torture flashes in their minds. Surely this will hurt a lot, they think.

So they are surprised when I say that the procedure is painless. The braces are basically glued onto the teeth using a dental glue, so all you feel is me pressing the braces onto the teeth.

Here’s a gist of what to expect:

The surfaces where the braces will be glued onto are cleaned first to ensure a better bond. A solution/gel is applied to prepare the teeth so the glue can stick. This will taste a bit like “Warheads” candy (yes, very sour).

The applicator looks like an injection syringe but it’s NOT, so relax. After about a minute, the solution is rinsed off and the teeth are dried. Dental glue is painted onto the teeth and the braces are placed. This will take about 15-20 minutes. Try to keep still during this time when the brackets are being positioned.

After that, the wires are tied into the braces using modules (these are like really small rubber bands) and Voilà!…. You have officially been bonded.

The whole procedure is usually completed in about 30 minutes. I try to keep it as short as possible as most people find it uncomfortable sitting on the dental chair for too long, especially those with neck or back problems. Immediately after bonding, you might feel some tightness but no pain. Some instructions will be given, after which our counter staff will fix the next appointment for you, which will be about a month later. So there you go, the start of your new smile.

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