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I’m going to share some info about the different types of malocclusions. And also show you some REAL life examples of such malocclusions. It might get a bit technical (you have been warned). Note to dental students though: if you are hoping to pass your ortho paper from reading this post, you’ll be disappointed.

A malocclusion literally means a “bad bite”, ie the teeth don’t occlude (come into contact) nicely. So anything short of a perfect bite is basically a malocclusion. Meaning almost everyone has a malocclusion. All malocclusions can be broadly divided into 3 main classifications. Yup, you guess it. Class I, Class II and Class III malocclusion. Dentists are so predictable, aren’t we?

The classification is based on how forward or backward the teeth and jaws are in relation to each other, viewed from the side. The jaws and teeth can be classified separately (Have I lost you yet….?)

Class I malocclusion

Class I teeth
Class I teeth

This is when the upper and lower teeth/jaws are in a more or less ideal position (viewed from the side), ie there is minimal forward/backward discrepancy. So the main problem is the dental irregularity/crowding.

Class II division 1 (yes there is a division 2, but let’s not go there) malocclusion

This is when the upper teeth/jaws are more forward compared to the lower. Here’s a REAL life example (but not my patient):

Professor Fink from the Simpsons

His teeth should look something like this

Class II teeth
Class II teeth

In fact, I think the whole of Springfield has a Class II epidemic. (Maybe we should relocate our practice there).


Class III

This is when the lower teeth/jaws are more forward compared to the upper. Another REAL life example below. We are not supposed to don’t know his real identity so I can’t be sure if he is a patient of mine.

I’m Mr.Incredible…ly Class III

Class III teeth. The malocclusion most suitable to fight crime!

Here are two more people who are also Class III.

S: I’m more Class III then you, so I’m more super.
B: Hah! But I got kryptonite

What do you notice? The superheroes are all Class IIIs!!! Something for all you aspiring cartoonist to take note of.

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